STBC Owasco Ride - July 13, 2009

STBC Owasco Ride - July 13, 2009 (Coordinated by Steve Bruno - Thanks Steve!)

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Fillmore Glen State Park - Owasco Lake's West Shore


Auburn, NY - Owasco Lake's North and East Shore - Then on to Skaneateles


Skaneateles Lunch Stop


Skaneateles' West Shore - Back to Auburn?? - Complicated U-turns - Backtracking
Confusing Cell Phone Conversations - Apology (w/Promise of Ice Cream) - Forgiveness - Back on Track!
Owasco East Shore - Returning to Fillmore Glen State Park - 65 mi - Excellent Ride!


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Ride Report By Steve Bruno ...

Owasco Ride Report

How to have a 65 mile Bike Ride
First thing to do, is invite all your Friends and tell
them we are gone to Ride Up in the Finger Lakes Region
and cover 2 Lakes like Owasco & Skaneateles Lakes.
Just tell them its only gone to be 50 miles and that it will be on a
Monday, so you don’t have to go to work and pick a day that is
Sunny & Clear with Temps in the Seventies and you’ll be able to get
23 Riders. Pass out some Maps, tell them the plan and then Introduce
& Welcome everybody to each other and try to start on Time.
Start out in the Back of the Pack and slowly work your way past
everyone telling them, it is so good that they are out on this beautiful

day and Thank them for coming out to Play & ask if the Pace is OK.
Go for a few miles and Work your way up to the Front to find out
who is Leading and tell them that they are setting a Good Pace.
Decide that this person who is Leading usually Rides a lot harder
and since they are not, look at their Tires and confirm “no wonder”
you are Flattening. Stop everyone and let them Stretch, change the Tube
and get Rolling again. Then after you regroup at the Top of Owasco
Abandon the Map and deviate into the Town of Auburn to take in
some Quaint small City Charm. Discover that William H. Seward
you know, the guy who bought Alaska, lived here and relive History.
Roll into Emerson Park for the annual Group Photo on the Enchanting
Fishing Pier to Reflect and React on the North Side of Owasco Lake.
Then head over to the Quaint small Town of Skaneateles to Refuel,
Rest and Relax on the Top of Skaneateles Lake by the Water’s Edge.
Abandon the Map and deviate into Town for the Sights & Sounds.
Get back on track to the West Side of Skaneateles Lake and take in Big
Giant Mansions, Candy Coated Dollhouses and Plain Beautiful Homes.
Take the Right Turn; miss the Wrong Turn, (thanks to the Road being
and then miss the Right Turn and go the Wrong Way back to Emerson Park
(must love that place). Regroup, Apologize, Retrace, and Return all the

way back Home to the Glen, and swim in the 57 degree water, if you dare.
Feeling Safe & Sound with Merriments & Memories, throw away the Map.
Thank your Friends, tell them how Gracious they are for doing Mueller
and tell them that the next advertised 60 Mile Ride might just be 85……….

Thanks again from the Furthest to the Closes – Lynn & Paul, Debbie,
Barb, Patti, Beth, Buhda, Rena, Bob, Jeff & Suzie, Anne, Jim, Tim,
John, Rob, Denny, Scott, Nancy and Mona. You guys are awesome……Steve